Classes + Groups



Adult Creativity/ Art Therapy Support Group

November 11- December 23rd

Wednesdays 7-9-pm

Cost $150 ($25/session) 6 week group

The group uses art making to explore and process their lives in a safe therapeutic environment. You

may journal, make collages, paint draw or work with clay in this group. No experience

required. Maximum 8 Participants. Registration required


Puppet Class

November 14-December 12

Saturdays 10:00 am- noon

Cost $100 ($25/session) 4 week session

Ages 8 to adult

Students learn puppet making, puppeteering, storytelling, and performance techniques. Emphasis is

on cooperative storytelling, expanding creativity, mastering puppet making skills, and building

friendships. Maximum 8 participants. Registration required.


Masks of Change -Winter 2008

Masks for Change
A personal growth group

January16 to February 27
$150 includes materials for 6 weeks

Are your ready to recreate your life through art? Here is your hands-on opportunity to make your own MASK OF CHANGE. We use the metaphor of the Mask to look at our lives, see what we need to do and find the courage it takes to make the changes. Jo Ann has created a supportive, non-judgmental setting, where creativity and search are welcome. You will work with a varied array of art materials, journaling, sound and movement to develop your own spirit mask to bring forth transformation in your life.


Visual arts experience
Personal exploration in a supportive group atmosphere
Applications for play therapy

Spring Puppet Class

Saturday mornings,  May 19, 26th,

June  9th and 16th

ages 8 to adult

The type of puppet will be determined by the class

Puppet projects may include

sock puppets
rod puppets
giant puppets
shadow puppets
moving-mouth hand puppets
Learn the basic papier mache process, wood and glue construction and costume making. Become a puppeteer, making puppet shows and performing them. Learn problem solving, collaboration and brainstorming. No experience necessary

Fee $90 for a four week session

The Puppeteers at the Farmers Market


Therapeutic Art  Groupfor Girls at the Art Experience

Friday Afternoons from 4 to 6 -ongoing

at the Art Experience 641 W Martin Luther King Blvd in Fayetteville.

Art making in groups is a very fun and powerful way to find your own solutions to problems, share your work, thoughts and feelings with others your own age. We will be working with lots of different materials so that you can get a chance to try out your creativity with lots ofdifferent materials. Some examples of what we will use are: drawing, painting, sculpting with clay, paper, plaster or found objects, of using collage, mask-making, puppet-making. Creating our stories in art to express ourselves and find some solutions to personal problems at the same time.

We will meet weekly to do art and talk.. No experience is necessary, although you do need to visit with jo ann before beginning..

Currently the sessions are free.